How to Wrap a Baby Gift without Using Wrapping Paper

Gift wrappers have become outdated. If you have bought a gift for a newborn, don’t just wrap it up in one of those traditional gift papers. In order to make your gift unique and stand out of the rest of the items given by other guests, you have to try wrapping the gift without using a gift wrapper. It doesn’t matter if you are gifting a toy, clothing items or any other type of organic baby gifts, you can wrap the gift uniquely by following the steps mentioned below:

Step#1: Measure up the Gift Item

As a first step, measure the gift’s width, length and depth. For this you would require a measuring tape. If the gift came without a box, you need to measure the item itself. Otherwise, you have to measure the box’s width, length and depth. If you think you won’t be able to pack the gift well without a box, you can acquire an empty box of the gift’s size and put the item in it.

Step#2: Acquire Fabric Collection

The next step would require you to locate fabric of various kinds and colors. Mostly homes have fabric collections in somewhere in the drawers or store room. If you have a scrap fabric collection you won’t even have to go out of your home to buy even a single thing to wrap the gift. If you don’t have what you need, you would need to visit a local fabric store.

Step#3: Prepare the Fabric and Choose Appropriate Colors


Size the fabric according to your gift’s or its box’s measurements. You can choose multiple colors while using the fabrics but it is recommended that you use minimal colors. Also, try to choose fabric colors according to the gender of the baby. You can also consider the gift’s color(s) while choosing the fabric colors.

Step#4: Begin the Packing Process

Now lay the fabric flat on a work surface, centering your gift, fold its sides over the gift item and trim the unnecessary fabric out. Fold all the fabric’s edges until you have completely concealed the gift in it. Also, stretch the material enough to make sure there are no shrinks left. Now sew down the edges using a sewing machine or by hand.

Step#5: Finalize It

Add ornaments to the wrapped fabric. This will make the gift attractive and the gift receivers will find the item interesting even before opening it. You can add a small greeting card to the gift by using some glue or hand over a regular card separately. If you are willing to add more gift items along with the primary gift, you can do so by finding a nice gifting bag. You can put everything in the gifting bag and use a ribbon to tie up at the top of the bag.

You just learned how to wrap a baby’s gift without using wrapping paper. If you will follow all the instructions appropriately, you would be able to pack a gift in the most attractive way without needing and wrapping paper.